Happy Tail Pets Adoption

Happy Tail Pets Adoption

Happy Tail Doodles Reservation Process

At Happy Tail Doodles we don’t use the standard waitlist process. Life happens and as we all know a lot can change in the year or more that you may be on the waitlist.

The process we have established at Happy Tail Doodles is a convenient, fair process for potential puppy homes, Once the litter is approximately 5-6 weeks old, we post the litter for preview only. At the end of preview period customers who have opted to be notified. You will receive email/text with a link as well a password to access the puppy profile tab and submit your deposit via PayPal. 

Note on Reservations

Reservations are not final until we have had a chance to visit with reserving party. If there was any conflict of interests Happy Tail Doodles May opt to return deposit. 

Returning customers  

have the privilege to select a puppy prior to a preview posting per Happy Tail Doodles policy. These puppies will be noted as SOLD on the preview posting.

We value and appreciate all our customers and potential customers. We are hopeful that someday we will have the perfect puppy for you to adopt. If you would like to be notified when our new litters preview, please submit your information and you will be notified via email/text.

Puppy Take Home Process

Puppies are generally ready to be placed in their forever homes by 8 weeks of age, Happy Tail Doodles reserves the right to hold them for an extended amount of time if we feel it is necessary to do so. 

Puppy Pickup/Delivery

  • pickup at our home in Mt Hope Ohio 
  • shipping via Air @ customers expense ($600.)
  • Via Nanny service (price would be determined for each customer individually)
  • Via Puppy Transport services @ customers expense (varying from $300 to $500)

Pickup/Delivery options are coordinated at 6 weeks old after puppy has been chosen and deposit has been submitted

For More info Contact Happy tail Doodles

Take Home Package

  • One-year genetic health guarantee
  • Your puppy will come home up to date on all shots and wormers 
  • Record of all shots and wormers administered over the course of their young lives. 
  • Puppy will be microchipped (with instructions on how to register your puppy)
  • A bag of Purina Pro Puppy food 
  • Snuggle blanket with Mommy’s scent
  • Chew toy
  • Global Pet Security Packet 

Global Pet Security is a digital profile, along with a QR tag for your pet. Not only can you store important information about your pet, but also have peace of mind knowing our GPS locating services allow quick and easy recovery if your pet ever gets lost. All your pets’ prior records will be uploaded by Happy Tail Doodles for you to access.

mini sheepadoodle

mini sheepadoodle


The 3/3/3 Rule is a general guideline of the adjustment process for a Dog in a new environment. Every dog is unique and will adjust differently. 

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • May feel scared and unsure of what's going on
  • Not comfortable enough to be "himself"
  • May not want to eat or drink 
  • Shuts down and wants to curl in his crate or hide under furniture
  • Testing the boundaries 
  • Starting to settle in
  • Feeling more comfortable
  • Realizing this could possibly be his forever home
  • Figured out his environment
  • Getting into a routine
  • Lets his guard down and may start showing his true personality
  • Behavior issues may start to appear
  • Finally feels completely comfortable in his home
  • Begins building trust and truly bond
  • Gains a complete sense of security with his new family
  • Sets into a routine


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